Dienstag, 2. Juni 2015

My Weekly Cottage Journal: Roses and Rhubarb

Hello friends,
I hope you are doing well.The last days was it cold
but today is it sunny and warm...just beautiful. I hope
of more sunny days. My roses ,peonias and my papaver
are full in bloom.That is the nicest time in my garden.

My rose Kathleen Ferrier

Päonia Sarah Bernhardt

Papaver Kasimir White

Tomatoes still waiting to plant

Rhubarb-Streusel cake

you need 

400gram rhubarb,100 gram butter or margarine,2 eggs
80 gram sugar 100 gram flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder.
made a creamy dough.

rühre butter und zucker schaumig. dann füge nacheinander
die eier ,rühre weiter,füge das gesiebte mit backpulver
gemischte mehl dazu und rühre solange bis eine cremige
masse entstanden ist.(5 min) dann fülle den teig in eine
gefettete springform,gib auf den teig die kleingeschnittenen

for the streusel

100gram butter.100gram flour, 60 gram sugar
icing sugar

bake the cake 45 minutes  by 180 grad

mache aus diesen zutaten streusel und verteile sie über den rhababer.

backe den kuchen bei 180 grad ca 45 minuten
nach dem abkühlen bestreue den kuchen mit puderzucker.

wool for a new pair of socks for me

Thrifty things from the last week

harvested rhubarb,salad and radish and made
a pesto from the radish leaves
paint the frame from the window
bake a rhubarb cake
froze a lot of rhubarb
sowed radish,beetroot, basil and parsley in flowerpots
harvested love sage and thyme

have a nice week,


  1. Hello Regina,

    I came just out of the garden and yes! it's the best time in the garden. Love your roses.
    Thank you for the lovey recipe, I need to harvest my rhubarb and will try this recipe soon!

    Have a nice evening, liebe GrüBe, Carolien

  2. Hi Regina: Beautiful flowers. And your weather looks so nice. I could go for some of your crumble cake right now! Andrea

  3. Your flowers are beautiful, Regina. And that cake looks wonderful! Thanks for the recipe! Pesto from radish leaves sounds interesting. Maybe I'll have to rethink growing radishes. Have a nice week!


  4. Hi Regina! Your flowers are so pretty and well cared for. I can't wait to see your new socks. I love knitting and crocheting. Btw, we lived in Germany for three years in a small village Fischbach bei Dahn, but USA is our home, of course.
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Love, love rhubarb! It is time to plant crowns here so I am planning on getting a few more this year. I have never heard of pesto made with radish leaves! It must have quite a strong flavour. I would love a recipe. Your flowers are just beautiful. It is also time to plant bare-rooted roses and I am having a hard time deciding which ones I would like!

  6. The flowers in your garden just look gorgeous..!! especially loved the roses.. yummy looking cake.. have a fantastic day.. cheers :)

  7. Your blooms are incredible! I love that peony up there! And your cake!!! Oh my! Does that ever look delicious!!! Thank you for passing along the recipe! Have fun making your new socks...such pretty colors you picked! Happy week my friend! Nicole xoxo

  8. The rhubarb streusel looks delicious. I have lots and lots of rhubabrb at the minute. I've been roasting most of it and giving some to friends.

  9. Hallo Regina,
    heute gibt es bei uns auch Rhabarber-Kuchen - allerdings ohne Streusel ;-))). Die Blüten sind herrlich.
    Viele liebe Grüße

  10. I love the white poppy, that's so pretty. Your rhubarb cake looks scrummy, I've got lots of rhubarb to use up at the moment so I shall remember this recipe.

  11. Oh what a beautiful post Regina. I love days in the garden and yours is blooming. The Sarah Bernhardt poppy is so lovely and Rhubarb streusel cake my favourite. I planted three rhubarb roots this spring but they didn't survive so I won't be making this soon. But I will try again next year and remember to come over for your recipe.
    Happy sunny time in your garden tomorrow.
    love debx

  12. Wunderschöne Rosen - und gerade jetzt duften sie so toll - kein Scherz ich kann sie bis hierher riechen!!! (wahrscheinlich deshalb, weil unter meinem Fenster auch eine blüht :-)
    LG Manuela

  13. gorgeous flowers and I would love to have a piece of that cake with my tea this afternoon

  14. The Rhubarb Streusel Cake looks so delicious Regina:) We must try making one of that oneday...hopefully as good as yours:) Hope you have a nice sunnier day so you can transplant those tomatoes....they look big and healthy, you should have lots of fruits in a month or so:)

  15. Hallo liebe Regina,
    das trifft sich gut. Ich habe gerade nach einem Rhabarberkuchen-Rezept gesucht. Den werde ich ausprobieren.
    Deine Blumenfotos sind wirklich wunderschön. Da wünsche ich mir einen "Schnupper"-blog!
    Liebe Grüße,

  16. Your flowers are beautiful, Regina. The cake looks awesome ~ thanks for the recipe!

  17. I am loving your recipes Regina. This one sounds delightful and I have rhubarb growing, so will give it a try :)