Mittwoch, 19. November 2014

On my Needles

Hello my lovely readers,

the weather is since sunday miserable,
Das Wetter ist seit Sonntag ungemütlich,
es regnet unaufhörlich,dazu ist es windig.
Aber dafür ist es zuhause um so  gemütlicher,
eine brennende Kerze,Wolle und eine Tasse Tee
und Kekse.

Auf den Nadeln habe ich Stulpen für mich.

On the needles wrist warmer for me. 

Das erste Weihnachtsgeschenk für meinen Mann ist fertig.
Er hat sich dicke Socken gewünscht, die nächsten sind schon 
auf der Nadel.Ich stricke diese Socken  gerne,sie gehen schnell
und halten sehr warm.

The first christmas gift for my husband is finished.
My husband wanted thick socks for CHRISTMAS.
The next thick socks are on my needles.

What have you on your needle?

Until next time,


  1. Your knitting looks great! I'm sure your husband will enjoy the socks...they do look warm.

  2. those look like the 'dorm/sleep socks' i made for my son....he LOVES them!!!

  3. They are fantastic!!! Love those warm socks! High five on getting some gifts finished!! Nicole xo

  4. Although I'm not finished cleaning up the garden but weather is dictating it's time to switch to needle work! I would love to make a thick warm socks... but it's too complicated for me:( Perhaps I could do a wrist warmer instead, after I finish the small quilt project for the teapot to sit on:) Keep warm and have a lovely weekend:)

  5. I am not knitting anything right now though I will soon buy the wool to knit myself a coat. Instead I am crocheting - Christmas decorations and gifts as well as a blanket (actually 2). Oh - just remembered - I have a knitted blanket on the go too.

  6. If you look at the text under the picture of the socks you'll see it looks like a heart! Just noticed that. Great socks for your husband.

  7. The wrist warmer and socks looks so cozy and lovely! thanks for visiting my blog:) have a fantastic day!

  8. Wrist warmers and socks are so lovely when handmade. Lots of hats and mittens being made around here. : )

  9. Hi I love these socks you knitted for a present for your husband. They will keep him warm!

  10. rainy weather is perfect knitting weather and your socks look lovely. I've had little time for knitting recently but am just about to pick up a blanket that I'm making.
    Have a happy weekend.

  11. Hi Regina, that looks wonderful. I still have a stash of sock wool too. I will have to make some socks this Winter too ; )
    Have a great day.

  12. beautiful socks! They look so cosy and warm :) and the wrist warmers are gorgeous!

  13. Your wrist warmers look really nice! I love making those too.
    Marianne x

  14. There's nothing cosier than hand knit socks. I'm knitting a pair of socks for a Christmas present at the moment.

  15. Hello Regina! I love the look of those socks, can I borrow them please??? ^^
    I bet your husband will enjoy this gift! I've never tried to knit socks, but as you know, I'm currently crocheting left, right and centre on that Harlequin blanket! Ok, confession: I'm also knitting on the side, I just can't help myself! Making also a pair of wristwarmers, almost ready, but put aside, also knitting another hat as a gift! I try to kid myself that these don't really count...because I said I would concentrate on the blanket...but the mind wanders every so often! ;)
    (And thanks for coming to visit my blog, hope to see you again!!!)
    Have a nice weekend!
    Ingrid xx

  16. Nice socks, Regina! I love the color of your wrist warmers too. :-)
    Enjoy your week!