Sonntag, 6. Juli 2014

Sunny Sunday

Hello my friends,
today we have a lovely summer weather .
Blue sky,sun and a little breeze.Really perfect!!!!

Wonderful apples on our old apple tree.
I love apples because you can make so
many with this fruit.Applecake,apple-sauce,
apple butter,apfelstrudel and not to forget apple sauce ice.

Our sitting place, behind  can you see salad,chives,
thyme,strawberry and a little apple tree,which i grow
in potts ,hanging baskets and window -sill boxes.

Geranium in red and pelargonia in pink.
I love the colour combination.

My Tomatoe path

Tomatoes on my tomatoe plants

My harvest from my today picking
A big Bowl of red currant and much more
hanging on the bushes.

I will make juice/cordial,jam,liqueur,sorbet and maybe
a cake.



  1. Hi Regina!
    Your sitting place is so nice, under the umbrella with all the flowers around.
    The geraniums are so pretty and your tomatoes are doing great!
    Enjoy your day,

  2. Looks like you are going to be busy Regina! Those apples look wonderful already. A few hot days and I'm already dreaming about Autumn!

  3. WOW Regina, that looks fantastic and such a cozy spot to sit.
    I hope your harvest will be great !!
    Have a fantastic day.

  4. Everything so nice: flowers, fruits, tomatoes... a busy and amazing time for you!

  5. Oh I love your tomato path. Everything in your garden is blooming beautifully. It seems like you have lots of work planned. Happy preserving.

  6. Your summer weather sounds perfect. Your apples, plants, and currants look wonderful. You have a lovely sitting place too!


  7. my goodness do you have lots of lovely plants and that bowl of currants is amazing! Simply beautiful :)

  8. Hello, I love your tomato path and your flowers are so pretty… its a busy time in the garden. x

  9. Wie schoen! You have a lovely outside space :) x

  10. I absolutely love your tomato path...what a great use of space. Well done!

  11. Your Geraniums are looking so bright and colourful. I love Geraniums! Mmmm. apfelstrudel. I have enjoyed visiting your blog...even if my German is a little rusty and I can only piece small amounts of some of your older posts together:)

  12. Your tomato path looks wonderful!