Dienstag, 17. September 2013

My Week

Bienenstich filled with wipped cream

Cucumbers, Raspberries and blackberries

More red tomatoes

Knitted dishclothes

Socks for me

another pair of socks for me 

the last week was very busy for me,
I baked a Bienenstich for Sunday
I have picked tomatoes from my garden
and cooked tomatoe sauce.Filled them in
empty ice cream container and froze them
In winter we will be grateful.More tomatoes
hanging on the bush,waiting to picked.
I also picked raspberries and blackberries and
froze them for later.

In the evening while I watched a dvd have I knitted.
I knitted a few dishclothes and a pair of socks.
I begun a another pair of socks. It's sock time now,
it's cold and stormy.Fall has arrived!

How was your week?
Blessings, Regina

Sonntag, 8. September 2013

Pictures from the week

Hello my readers
The last week ,we have  a grandious late summer weather,
here in my part of the world,with temperatures of 34 degrees/grad
really wonderful.
But today we have cooler weather with rain and sunshine,
autumn knocked definitive on the  door.I can't believe,
but is true autumn is comming.

My Geraniums

Tomatoes in hanging basket

The last week we have had a wonderful blue sky

The lavender is full of bloom

Anemone Japonica a beautiful Autumn plant for the garden.

Our Apple Tree is laden full of apples.
I am dreaming of making apple sauce,
apple cake,apple juice,apple jelly.

Our little Swimming pool.

I think for this year is the swimming-season 

definitive over.

wish all my readers a nice sunday,

ps. The Recipe for the Amerikaner coming soon