Samstag, 27. April 2013

Happy Weekend

I love my Amelanchier,in spring is this tree full with white blossoms,
in summer hanging many berries on the branches,with these berries you can
cook a delicious jam.You must only faster be,than the bird.
But the best of all is the wonderful colorfull dress in autumn.

Blue Anemone

Tulip Tarda ,love the yellow with the white 

Red Tulips

Aubretia-lilac bush

Lunarda anua,they grows in -Silberlinge

Tulips  on my deck,

White Tulip with blue Violas

Hello everybody,
this photos have I taken on a sunny day in this week,
Today is it cold and it's rain allday.
I hope you have better weather in your country.

Wish you a wonderful Weekend,

Blessings Regina

Montag, 22. April 2013

My Weekly Frugal Accomplishments

Hello my lovely readers

the last week we had sunny weather with warm temperatures
I have worked alldays in the garden.That was great But on the
weekend it was very cold once again.

I harvest my first chives.

I potted up some tomatoes,peppers and egg pllants in bigger pots.

I sowed zucchini and cucumbers in pots.

I planted potatoes in buckets. I have seven.

I planted 3 goosberry bushes in pots.

I knitted a few rows on my grey jumper

I bought 30 packet of butter( 250g) for 0,85 €

I made white bread.

What did you this week to save money and enjoy life?

Montag, 15. April 2013

My Weekly Frugal Accomplishments

Hello my friends,

last week I bought 10 packages penne noodles for 3,50 €

Grated mozzarella was also offered 200 gram for 0,88 €,
I have 10 packages purchased and frozen. I use shredded 
mozzarella for pizza.

Another great deal was 3000gram carrots for 1,00€.

Than I discovered in a corner of the supermarket reduced
pansies for a very low price..... 10pieces of pansies for 0,39€
I bought several packets. .

Oranges where 1,49€ a kilo,so I bought several packets(16pounds).

I made bread,scones,rhubarb-cake,spaghetti,lentil soup.

I hung my laundry out on the clothlines.

Cut roses and removed the leaves from the flower beds.

Planting pansies in pots.

I sat on the bench,listening to the birds.

What did you this week to save money and enjoy life?

Samstag, 13. April 2013

Samstag, 6. April 2013

On My Window Sill

Grows a different kind of veggies and flowers
like kohlrabis,tomatoes peppers ,
eggplant,zucchini,Salat cucumbers,
tagetes,sweet peas and zinnia

I sowed my kohlrabis last week and they germinated,
I hope for many kohlrabis in the next months.
I sowed tagetes 

and tomatoes in following varietis 
Berner Rose
Tumbling Tom Red 

Here comes the pepper out
I am so happy,because that will us given many
red I hope.

and that is my overwintered Geranie

I wish you a wonderful weekend,