Dienstag, 17. September 2013

My Week

Bienenstich filled with wipped cream

Cucumbers, Raspberries and blackberries

More red tomatoes

Knitted dishclothes

Socks for me

another pair of socks for me 

the last week was very busy for me,
I baked a Bienenstich for Sunday
I have picked tomatoes from my garden
and cooked tomatoe sauce.Filled them in
empty ice cream container and froze them
In winter we will be grateful.More tomatoes
hanging on the bush,waiting to picked.
I also picked raspberries and blackberries and
froze them for later.

In the evening while I watched a dvd have I knitted.
I knitted a few dishclothes and a pair of socks.
I begun a another pair of socks. It's sock time now,
it's cold and stormy.Fall has arrived!

How was your week?
Blessings, Regina


  1. Loving the knitted socks Regina, especially the stripy ones! You are so clever to be able to do this.

  2. Hi Regina!
    I love your socks!! Very pretty and look warm and cozy. :-) Very pretty dishcloths as well!
    Bienenstich? Looks wonderful! You are so fortunate to still have tomatoes. Mine are all gone for now. Such nice plants too. Fall is here. My week so far has been busy and will be for the rest of the week too.
    Blessings to you,

  3. Autumn has arrived here also, Regina! My what a lovely pastry! You should open a bakery. I tried making one once, but it didn't turn out that beautiful.

  4. Regina - it looks like you have been very busy. Nothing like homemade tomato sauce. Your dishcloths look so pretty - makes doing dishes so much more fun!! Have a lovely week.

  5. You have been busy, Regina :) I love the look of that yummy cake and all your colourful knits.
    My tomatoes have done well this year too, there are still lots to harvest.
    Have a good week :) Autumn has arrived here as well, and we have had to light the wood burner in the evenings.

  6. You have been very busy, Regina! You will enjoy the berries and tomatoes in the winter!

  7. I like your tomatoes rows. Growing so well on the containers. So wonderful.

  8. My hand knit socks have made an appearance this week, it's so cold here too. I like your dishcloths, the ones I knit look quite boring in comparison.

  9. Wow, Regina,
    that looks fantastic. That cake looks so delicious.
    Great looking dishcloths and socks.
    I have started a Winter sweater. The vintage sweater will have to wait a bit, because it has short sleeves ; )
    Have a great day.

  10. hello regina~
    so happy to meet you! loving all the knitted & gardening goodness on your blog~ thanks for visiting my blog~



  11. Look at all that wonderful fruit from your garden! Lucky you. Love those knitted dishcloths. x

  12. looks like you've had a wonderful week! i really like your healthy way of living. i love your socks and your tomatoes look great!

    firs time here... you have a lovely blog!

    have a good weekend~

  13. What a delightfully colourful week you had - I'm slightly jealous :o)

  14. wonderful deliciousness you baked up! you'll appreciate all that fresh produce from your freezer this winter to be sure! what a productive week! ~Lisa :)

  15. Regina...
    What a delicious looking desert! You have been so busy, baking, knitting, picking and preparing produce. A wonderful and busy week.
    You inspire me :)

  16. Everything looks amazing! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

  17. Hi Regina,
    Bienenstich ~ Bee Sting Cake! I found a recipe on-line and am going to give it a try :-)
    Enjoy your weekend,

  18. I don't know what Bienenstich is, all I know is that I want some. Lovely yarn projects top!

  19. Der Bienenstich sieht sooooo lecker aus!! Jetzt habe ich richtig verlangen nach einem Stueck. :-)

  20. I love knitted dish cloths! :-)
    And look at all those berries - yummy!

  21. Oh, that Bienenstich looks so DELICIOUS!! And I love your knitting! I have made washcloths like that...oh, if I could only make some socks...yours are beautiful! So warm and cozy!