Samstag, 6. April 2013

On My Window Sill

Grows a different kind of veggies and flowers
like kohlrabis,tomatoes peppers ,
eggplant,zucchini,Salat cucumbers,
tagetes,sweet peas and zinnia

I sowed my kohlrabis last week and they germinated,
I hope for many kohlrabis in the next months.
I sowed tagetes 

and tomatoes in following varietis 
Berner Rose
Tumbling Tom Red 

Here comes the pepper out
I am so happy,because that will us given many
red I hope.

and that is my overwintered Geranie

I wish you a wonderful weekend,


  1. It sounds as though you will have some nice vegetables this season! Yay!

  2. You clearly have very "green fingers" as they say in English. Sorry, I have no idea how to say this in German. But I am sure you get the gist - what you plant, grows! What i plant, does not always grow! Happy Weekend! E x

  3. At least you have your plants started. I need to do that tomorrow. Hope your weekend is going well. :)

  4. I have started my seeds too! I'm trying a couple different kinds of tomato plants (Brandywine/Caspian Pink/ Cherry), herbs (Basil, lemon thyme, bee balm, Echinncia) and some annuals (Zinnia)this year. I started a bit late this year, but we still have snow on the ground here so am thinking our spring will be later than has been the last few years. Our usual big outdoor planting begins end May here. Good luck with your seedlings.

  5. Hi Regina! Your plants look so healthy! I know you'll be glad when it's planting time! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a nice Sunday! Blessings from Bama!

  6. Oh, I forgot to mention, your crochet work is beautiful! My German Mother-in-law crochets baby blankets! Blessings from Bama!

  7. Hallo Regina,
    Du hast aber fleißig ausgesät und alles wächst schon so schön. Ich freue mich schon darauf, wenn alles wieder grün draussen ist.
    Wir haben hier noch nie Gemüse selbst gesät, aber mein Schatz hat neulich ein klitzekleines Gewächshaus für Tomaten und Paprika mitgebracht. Dieses Jahr wollen wir es mal versuchen. Mal sehen, ob auch bei uns etwas wächst.
    Dir eine schöne Woche und liebe Grüße

  8. I've started my seeds also. I've had good luck with a tomato called Germany Strawberry. Do they really have such a variety in Germany? It's wonderful, nice and meaty and sweet. For my something new this year, we're going to try growing brussel sprouts. But mainly, we're just sticking to the traditional Peter Rabbit garden plants.

  9. So pretty and dainty Regina! Your plants! They look so hopeful. I love geraniums. It will be nice when yours gets blossoms.

  10. Good luck with your garden this year, Regina! Your seedlings look good and healthy!
    Have a lovely day!

  11. Hi Regina! Thank you for visiting and commenting at Candlemas Cottage ~ I thought I'd pay you a visit back : )
    All of your seedlings are doing well! There is nothing better than a home grown tomato...I love growing things too, although we only have a small garden I plant some in old tyres, pots, troughs, anything! Hope you get some sun very soon. Happy times...

  12. Hi Regina,
    so much new life, I get happy just looking at it. I hope you will have a wonderful harvest in the near future ; )
    Have a great day my friend !!

  13. I love the pics with the very small plants. Enjoy it.

  14. Dear Regina - I am so very happy to meet you. Thank you for visiting me. I love all those veggies that are growing on your windowsill. Never have grown Kohlrabis (must give them a try)- looking forward to visiting your wonderful blog. I too love Laura Ingalls Wilder - I enjoy watching "Little House on the Prairie" in reruns. Have a great week-end and enjoy the garden.

  15. Hi, Regina! Your plants are looking great! I hope you get lots and lots of veggies from them!

    Have a great weekend.


  16. What a lot of plants you have growing. I wish you much success with them. My garden is so tiny, but we can fit in 6 tomato plants, 3 courgette plants, some potatoes, and herbs. We also have a few raspberry canes and a little bit of rhubarb. That rhubarb yields enough for two or three rhubarb crumbles. Every little helps : )

    Lesley x