Montag, 22. April 2013

My Weekly Frugal Accomplishments

Hello my lovely readers

the last week we had sunny weather with warm temperatures
I have worked alldays in the garden.That was great But on the
weekend it was very cold once again.

I harvest my first chives.

I potted up some tomatoes,peppers and egg pllants in bigger pots.

I sowed zucchini and cucumbers in pots.

I planted potatoes in buckets. I have seven.

I planted 3 goosberry bushes in pots.

I knitted a few rows on my grey jumper

I bought 30 packet of butter( 250g) for 0,85 €

I made white bread.

What did you this week to save money and enjoy life?


  1. We're starting seeds and repotting here too, Regina. I started knitting some baby sweaters from my yarn stash and reclaimed some buttons from an old sweater before tossing it. Made pizza at home, rather than going out to eat.

  2. Sounds like you accomplished some wonderful tasks. I too have been working in the garden. Baked some peanut butter cookies for the week-end as well. Thanks for sharing your wonderful accomplishments.

  3. Such warmth and hominess! Blessings ♥ Teri

  4. Today I planted a few rows each of radishes, spinach and arugula in my garden outside. It's still cold here at night and this past weekend we had a dusting of snow.

  5. Hi! It was a lovely day here although expecting rain for a few days this week. I was able to get a little planting done and post on my blog. Your bread looks delicious and I can't wait till I have time to bake bread again! Nancy

  6. Hi Regina, I was finally able to purchase a small size shampooer to clean the carpets. It was not cheap by my standards, but now I will be able to clean them often, without the high cost of renting.

    On a happy note we will be in a new to us home where we can finally do some gardening. YAY!!!!!!!!!!

    Your bread looks delicious. May your week be wonderful.
    blessings, jill

  7. It's great to be back in the garden again. I've got lots of seedlings on the go vying for windowsill space. They'll be turfed out in to the greenhouse soon if this warmer weather continues.

  8. Hi, Regina, you have got so much done! And your bread looks delicious! We have also worked in the garden every day even though it has been on the chilly side.

    I hope you having a great week.


  9. Hi Regina,
    It sounds like you've had a productive and enjoyable week!
    We've had two birthdays in our family and I prepared delicious meals ay home, using what I had on hand.
    I've been planting the garden, and cooking from scratch all our meals.
    Right now, I have a batch of granola in the oven, some bread dough in the bread machine, and some pizza crust dough in a bowl.
    Have a lovely week, Regina!

  10. You were very busy! We are waiting for our garden space to dry enough for tilling. It appears our garden will be out late this year.

  11. Wow, you are a busy woman! And know I go also outside and sowed some things.

    Nice bread. I smell it here.

    To enjoy lif? I shot some blossom pics.

  12. ow Regina, you have been busy !!
    That bread looks so delicious.
    I haven't planted any veggies yet. It has been so cold and we are not out of it yet. Today was great and tomorrow will be according to the weatherman, but Friday will be colder and wet again : (
    I hope this nice weather will win next week ; )
    Have a great day.

  13. Your bread looks great..I baked bread today too. I'm on my way out to do some much needed yard work while the weather holds out.

    Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving your sweet comment.

  14. Hi Regina :) I seem to have missed your last posts, and I see you have been busy. You certainly have been working hard growing and preparing your vegetable garden. I hope your plants will do well and give you a wonderful harvest in summer and autumn!!
    The bread looks yummy.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Hugs, Hilde :)

  15. Sounds like you are settling into a spring routine.

    Your bread looks great!

  16. Your bread looks great! I've been gone on a little holiday with my oldest daughter, sil, and two granddaughters, so not much has gotten done at home. The flower beds need weeding badly, so that's what I'll be doing this week. :-) And the veg garden hasn't been planted yet, so that needs to be done too.
    Anne ♥

  17. I love your header Regina. What a pretty colander : )