Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

The first harvest of Currant and Peach Jelly

Hello my friends ,it's harvest time
This year are my currant bushes full,
full of delicious red,white and black berries
Yesterday i picked 5 kilo of red currant,
1kilo white and black currants.
I washed the currant and put they in
the freezer.More currants wait of me.

I bought me a few kilos of peaches and nectarines
for freezing.
With the skin of the fruits have i make a delicious
jelly! The pulp bring I to the compost.So is nothing

The skin have now been made into five jars
of jelly.Not bad.

Wish you all a nice weekend,
love regina


  1. Everything looks so yummy!! I bet those jelly is amazing!

  2. That looks so delicious. What a great harvest.
    I still have to wait for mine. The red currant bush has grown a lot, but hasn't flowered yet. Maybe next year ? I found it as a tiny seedling outside my garden a few years ago, so I just have to be patient a little while longer ; )
    Hugs !!

  3. This looks good! :-)
    Enjoy your weekend,

  4. Hi Regina! Our currant bushes are full too. The white ones are very pretty, I've never seen them before. You are certainly being very resourceful! Everything looks beautiful. as always! Have a nice weekend and don't work too hard!

  5. Yum! those berries are beautiful! And the jelly so good! love,andrea

  6. Greetings folks from the Amish community of Lebanon,pa

  7. The jelly looks yummy :)
    And the currants look wonderful.
    I have red, white and black currants in my garden too, yet the bushes are still rather small. The black currants will be ready to harvest soon, while the red and white currants still need a little time to be ready.

    Have a nice weekend, Regina :)

  8. Hi Regina..
    What beautiful currants! I've never grown them.. but seeing yours makes me want to :)

    I adore 'peach pit' jelly.
    That's what we call the jelly that we make with the peels and pits of the peaches.
    It's a very special treat around here.

    Enjoy your weekend my friend...

  9. Hi Regina, this all looks wonderful,
    have a lovely weekend,xxx

  10. Hi Regina! Your jellies and jams are so pretty! I wish I had a spoonful right now!
    Happy Sunday!

  11. Hello,
    Thank you for finding me and leaving such a kind comment!
    I have found you now too, which is lovely, you have been busy preparing jams....
    Have a week full of kindness...
    Maria x

  12. The currants are gorgeous! I've never seen white ones before either. What a joy to have all that homemade jelly waiting for you to eat. Have a wonderful week Regina! :)

  13. Hi Regina. You are richly blessed in currants! Your stove looks like mine, so you would need a canner like mine, and unfortunately they do run more expensive. And I never see items like this go on sale! I have the equipment, but my fruit to can is expensive. Some day the apple trees I planted will grow and give me,andrea

  14. Hi Regina .. thank you for stopping by my blog (with the scarecrow). I'm new to enjoying currents .. and just have three recently planted black current bushes. The jelly is what I'm excited to make next year. You have quite a good supply! I've never heard of peach skin jelly .. but will try it this summer. You have a lovely blog.

  15. Those red and white currants look like tiny jewels, so beautiful. Enjoy your fruit jelly :)

  16. Yummy! Your jams and jelly sound wonderful!
    Hugs, Cindy