Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

My Week

Hello my blogreaders,
today was the sky grey and it was very humid.
My husband bought me 20 pounds strawberry
from Aldi in good quality and good prices.
I have 25 jars of strawberries jam cooked and
with the rest I have baked a strawberry-cake.
I have the cake served with whipped cream,
mmmh very good.
On my tomatoes discovered I the first yellow flower,
yet I do hope of fruits.The kohlrabi growing well
in the window box.

I knitted a few dishclothes in the evening.
and crochet on a new ripple blanket.

That was my week,.....How was your week?



  1. Your afghan is so sweet, Regina! You always pick the best colors. Made strawberry jam this week, too. But I wasn't nearly as ambitious as you, only 7 jars. Tomatoes have started to blossom here too. Now I have to water and water and water so they don't get blossom end rot because it is so dry this year.

  2. Guten Tag Regina! I love the colours of your ripple afghan - reminds me of the best strawberry ice cream. So impressed with your jam-making - 25 jars!! A thought triggered by your previous post in juxtaposition with this one - have you considered making rose petal jam? Anne's blog "Life in Mud Spattered Boots" http://annewheaton.co.uk/ has a recipe for it this week. It looks delicious. This morning I picked a load of rose petals to do likewise. I wondered whether I would have enough to fill a litre jug but actually it filled up pretty quickly. Of course you may be Jammed out by now! But just in case not! Elizabeth x

  3. WOW ~ you've been busy! I love the afghan ~ beautiful colors and the ripple pattern is great! Nice dishcloths too!
    Your strawberrys look wonderful. My veg garden is struggling along, watering it daily.
    Have a nice week,

  4. What pretty crochet work you do, Regina. The strawberry cake and jam look so good! I'm going to pick strawberries at a nearby farm on Saturday and I'll be freezing them for the winter, and making a strawberry pie. With whipped cream - yummy. I have a few tomato blossoms, too. Our weather is rather cool just now. I hope it warms up so the garden can really get going.

  5. Very pretty crochet and I love your knitted dishcloths Regina.........very thoughtful of your husband to buy you all those lovely strawberries, you have plenty of jam to stock your store cupboard.

    I've just noticed that I'm no longer following you, I must have disappeared from your followers list when I deleted my blog for a short time a couple of months ago..........anyway I've put it right and am following again, so now I can keep up to date with your lovely blog.
    lily xx

  6. Hi Regina...
    My goodness girl, you have been as busy as a bee!

    Beautiful afghan and delicious looking jam too!!

    Hope that you have a very sucessful tomato harvest.

    Smiles :)

  7. Hi Regina, yesterday it poured rain and hail but was quite hot. Today it's very windy and cooler. Your ripple is beautiful and so are your dishcloths. And the cake looks very yummy. Lots of love xxx

  8. Regina, you have been very busy, and you have some lovely things to show for it! The strawberry jam looks delicious, and I know the cake is, too. Also, that is a beautiful afghan!

    Thank you for your comments on my blog.:)

    xo Nellie

  9. Hi Regina

    Just found you love all the jam making and adore all your crocheting

    Take care


  10. Danke schon Regina - I am delighted that you decided to follow my blog and thank you too for leaving a comment. Your jam looks amazing and as for that cake .... I would call in if I were closer lol xx

  11. Hi Regina. Thanks for your well wishes! Strawberries are the best! Perhaps they are so special because their season is short. Your pie and preserves look so good. And pretty colors on your crochet! Hope you get tomatoes soon. love,andrea

  12. p.s. that is so neat you have the same sheets! love,andrea

  13. Your blanket is beautiful, Regina, I love the colours. And the dishcloths are very pretty too. Homemade dishcloths are absolutely the best :)
    What a good job you did with making jam. It is looking yummy :)