Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012

My Container Garden

Hello my blogfriends,
I have all my tomatoes,eggplants,cucumbers,zucchinis,peppers and
sqash plant out.The most of my veggies grows I in bucket.in the green bucket
grow sweet million tomatoes and in the aubergine bucket grow eggplant.
In the black bucket grows roma tomatoes.....mmmh perfect for making pasta
sauce and in the white and blue bucket have I different tomatoes plant like
Marmade,St.Pierre,Rio Grande and Tomatoes for salad.
In the blue Barrel have I plant a few potatoes,it's a experiment.I hope it's
going well.Now I have time to enjoy the blossom of my roses.
After a warm weather in the May turned the weather in June to colder temperatures.
Yesterday it rained all days and today is it sunny but cold.
I wear woolen socks on my feet and in the evening burns a fire in our wooden oven.
It feels like autumn.....I hope the warmer weather come back.
Have a nice time,
Blessings Regina


  1. (I just lost my internet while writing this...so I am trying again in case it didn't go through).
    You are a very neat gardener! I love your containers. I actually have five containers of cucumbers (bush cucumbers). I like having containers as they keep the critters out from eating them. Your weather sounds like ours! I feel like autumn here too today! love,andrea

  2. Your buckets of plants look lovely. I adore your crochet work too.

  3. Looks great! So very well organized :>)
    Enjoy the growing and the harvesting later on!
    Cheers / Tschüss,


  4. Hello Regina, I love that your buckets are all colour co ordinated! great idea!

  5. You container garden is looking lovely, Regina. You have been busy planting it all. xx

  6. The rose is beautiful! What a great idea - container gardening :-) No weeding!!
    What an awesome idea.

  7. That's a very neat and colorful garden you have there Regina! Bet it's easy to maintain. Love your roses. Ours are just in buds right now.

  8. PS: Sorry if I missed that last couple of your posts. For some reason blogger wasn't updating them.

  9. Hi,
    that looks so wonderful. Your rose is very beautiful !!
    I love all the pots and just imagine how much delicious pasta sauce you can make with the produce ; )
    I hope you will have a great harvest !!

  10. Pretty soon you are not going to be able to walk on that cute patio of yours! You will have a wonderful garden and how neat that you thought to do it in containers. I too am experimenting with potatos this year...I had a few that were "blooming" inside so I took them outside and planted them...now they are growing like crazy! Someone told me to keep mounding up dirt around the plants so that is what I am doing...I need to google it but havn't done so yet. Good luck and keep us posted!

  11. Our weather has been unseasonably warm all spring, and the forecast doesn't give much chance of any cool down.
    It looks like you have some really nice vegetables going in those containers. I hope you will be pleased with your harvest.

  12. Regina..
    Your container garden is very impressive!
    Let us know how the potato experiment turns out.

    We've had bursts of cold weather too.
    It would be so nice if things would warm up.

    Have a happy day.

    Smiles :)

  13. What a neat garden, Regina, and very well organized. It looks great :) Hope the plants will reward you with a big harvest!

    Last summer I grew potatoes in containers, and that went very well.

  14. Hi Regina,gosh youve been busy and I bet your pasta sauce tasts delicious made with all of your wonderful home produce.I wish it would warm up again too...
    take care love juliexox

  15. You have definitely taken container gardening all the way!

    Blessings, Debbie

  16. Hi Regina,
    I hope the warm weather returns soon to your fair land. It has been beautiful and in the 30's C here. It's raining today, but still warm.
    Your container garden is beautiful, I haven't even put any vegetables in yet, I went away at the wrong time, I'm thinking.
    Hugs, Cindy

  17. Hi Regina, thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments.
    You have been working hard, your plants looks really healthy. What a lot of tomatoes, hope you get some sunshine to ripen them all. It is so cold and so little sunshine. Yes, more like Autumn.
    A few months ago a drought was declared in this area, I don't think it has stopped raining since!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Carol xx

  18. I have tomato envy- I've had to restart 3 times due to the weather...so they're still at the seedling stage...I'm ever optimistic though!