Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

My Week

Hello my blogreaders,
today was the sky grey and it was very humid.
My husband bought me 20 pounds strawberry
from Aldi in good quality and good prices.
I have 25 jars of strawberries jam cooked and
with the rest I have baked a strawberry-cake.
I have the cake served with whipped cream,
mmmh very good.
On my tomatoes discovered I the first yellow flower,
yet I do hope of fruits.The kohlrabi growing well
in the window box.

I knitted a few dishclothes in the evening.
and crochet on a new ripple blanket.

That was my week,.....How was your week?


Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

Roses in my Garden

Hello my lovely friends, it's June and
June is rose time in my little Garden.
All my roses are in bloom and smells
When I walked throug my Rose Garden,
the air is full of the lovely fragrance
from the roses. That is so wonderful,
that I wish I can this time hold on.

Graham Rose especially for my lovely blogfriend

Graham Roses

Rosarium Uetersen

My husband prefer rose Graham Thomas

Paul's Scarlett Climber in a fantastic

a lovely old roses with a fine fragrance

Abraham Darby my favorite

Wish you a lovely week,
Blessings Regina

Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012

My Container Garden

Hello my blogfriends,
I have all my tomatoes,eggplants,cucumbers,zucchinis,peppers and
sqash plant out.The most of my veggies grows I in bucket.in the green bucket
grow sweet million tomatoes and in the aubergine bucket grow eggplant.
In the black bucket grows roma tomatoes.....mmmh perfect for making pasta
sauce and in the white and blue bucket have I different tomatoes plant like
Marmade,St.Pierre,Rio Grande and Tomatoes for salad.
In the blue Barrel have I plant a few potatoes,it's a experiment.I hope it's
going well.Now I have time to enjoy the blossom of my roses.
After a warm weather in the May turned the weather in June to colder temperatures.
Yesterday it rained all days and today is it sunny but cold.
I wear woolen socks on my feet and in the evening burns a fire in our wooden oven.
It feels like autumn.....I hope the warmer weather come back.
Have a nice time,
Blessings Regina