Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012


My wool stash is very big.I can't believe
how big.The most of my wool is sock-yarn.I
think I have enough wool for the next years.

My goal for this year is

"Not buying anything of wool"

I will try to use what I have.

What is your goal for this year?

Now here is my first project,which I have made
from my wool-stash.... a cowl

I knitted the cowl with three threads of sock yarn
in different colours.
The pattern is very simple
A wonderful knitting project for the evening.

Wish you a wonderful week,


  1. My goal too! Maybe I should look into knitting more patterns with three strands of yarn. That will diminish the piles a lot quicker!

  2. Very nice! I love the color :-)

  3. You almost inspire me to reconnect with the knitting I once did years ago. Beautiful work, Regina.

  4. I love the colors in your cowl! You knit so well!

    My goal for this year is to can more of our own food. I already know how, I've just been too lazy and I don't like the heat. :(

    I hope you had a great weekend.


  5. Oh clever to use three yarns, and the color look so pretty :-)

    Like you, I am on a No Spending (and this means nothing at all except toiletries and food) everything else is not allowed! So far so good.

    Thank you for sharing the pattern.


  6. Your cowl looks beautiful, I am not a knitter, so I admire anyone who does.
    Have a lovely week, Cindy

  7. Beautiful! I love the colors :) We are of the same mind, Regina, both of us knitting a cowl recently!

  8. I like how you have paired 3 colours together, looks lovely. I've been knitting from stash for a few years now and still going strong :) Have fun knitting from your stash!

  9. What a beautiful cranberry color! My fabric stash is like your yarn stash...I should go on a buying fast to! :)

  10. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog:)
    I love your yarn for this project, the color is beautiful!
    Can not wait to see the finished cowl.
    Have a great day!

  11. Your cowl looks so lovely and warm! The colours are beautiful too. You must have a big yarn stash!

  12. Hi Regina,
    Thank you for your lovely comment over at mine. In my opinion you can never have too much yarn!

    Lots of love xxx

  13. That looks wonderful !! The combination of the three threads is fantastic !!
    Have a fantastic day.

  14. hi regina,
    i'm new here, retired, so i have lots of time to knit. i have been knitting from my stash last year and now. it has dwindled to only one basket now! i'm watching my spending really closely this year...only purchasing necessary items. i made infinity cowls for Christmas gifts too! ^)^linda(iowa~USA)

  15. I really like the way you used three yarns and the colour and patterning are very pretty. I always think I haven't got that much in my stash, but in reality I have got more than one WIP and I'm still dreaming up my next project!

  16. Da geht s mir wie dir, erst hab ich Wolle gesammelt um ja nicht eines Tages ohne dazustehen, und jetzt hab ich soviel davon, daß ich manchmal glaube die werd ich in meinem Leben nie mehr alle verbrauchen können. Die Idee mit gleich 3 Knäueln zu stricken ist toll, ich mach da manchmal aus 2 Knäueln ganz dicke Haussocken, die gehen ruckizucki und wärmen herrlich. (Und ich hoffe auch, daß ich heuer mal nichts Neues mehr kaufe sondern nur noch verbrauche, verbrauche, verbrauche. Drücken wir uns selber ganz fest die Daumen!)

  17. Hi Regina,

    What a fantastic way to use up your stash of sock yarn, I must keep this project in mind, I have lots of leftover sock yarn that needs to be used............beautiful colour yarn, thank you for the pattern. x

  18. Regina, you work is lovely! I know how to crochet, but not knit. The colors you choose are beautiful. Happy Knitting!

  19. Hello Regina,
    I love the way those colors blend!
    I have not been knitting in a while (since we moved to the new house) but I long to have the time soon...I need to finish the match to a sock ;-)
    Many Blessings, Linnie

  20. I am so very inspired by your economy and self-sufficient lifesyle. Please visit my blog at

  21. Beautiful color and beautiful project.
    I love your attitude and determination to use up all of your wool stash :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. In the short time I have been crocheting, I too have a huge stash of yarn. I love seeing it in my studio. I have been using my stash of quilting and stitching items for years now. It makes you appreciate what you have as there is always something new and beautiful and you forget what you have already.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  23. You can never have too much wool! I would like to make one of them, maybe when i've finished my crochet.

    Lou xxx

  24. Your knitting is beautiful. I cannot knit at all :(

    You have been tagged - see my blog for the rules if you want to play along x

  25. My wool stash is very what you're doing and wish it was cold enough here(sometimes) for a lovely cowl like yours,