Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

The last harvest

the pictures shows my last crop from my
little garden.

peppers in red and green,
green,red and yellow tomatoes

Peppers in red and green

The peppers have I frozen.

Today we have had a delicious meal with the veggies .
I made a vegetablesauce with onions,eggplants peppers
and tomatoes,salt and pepper,basil and oregano
and served with noodles a wonderful simple meal.

To my last post about dried carrots....i use the carrots in soup!


Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011


I have a new toy in my kitchen.....a Dehydrator
Here is it
Now can I so many of my fruits and veggies dry
The first what I have dried was carrots.

Thats my way to dry carrots

First ,you'll need wash and peel the carrots.
Then remove the tops and lips.
I have started adding the carrot scraps to a freezer bag
of chicken or another veggies for making stock later.----
after the motto" nothing wasted"

Slice the carros in "1/4 "in
Then blanch the carrots 2 minutes
The should still fairly hard but not tender
Then choose the carrots in ice water to quickly cool

Just fill the racks with the blanched carrots,
making sure not overlap any.
If you have not a dehydrator you can also dry in the oven by 60 degress
After five hour's looks the carrot so------- perfect.

I storred them in a jar and stuck them in
my pantry.I have read a dark place is perfect.

This was my first dried carrots.

Have a nice week,

Thanks for your help ....I have made a ring of peppers

Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2011

Sunshine in October

hello my readers we have a grandious October begining
with superb sunny weather at the time.
Today we have 25 degrees and the sun is shining all days
that is great!!!

the last tomatoes in my Hanging-basket

blue aster

red pepper in my window-boxes

Looks the pepper not nice?

but what can I do with all the small peppers?

have anyone a idea?

I wish you a wonderful day,