Dienstag, 8. November 2011


at the moment I am knitting on a shawl for me,
in my prefer colour red.....Red is a beautiful and
warmth colour, perfect for the dark and colder
days (month)

Here can you see my decorated lamp.

The pattern of the shawl is very simple.

The next weeks have I many to do for Christmas

on my to do list stand

bake a christstollen
bake differents christmas cookies
make gift from the kitchen(jam,jelly,chutneys etc.)
knitting gift
making a advents wreath
making cards
buying the turkey for christmas
and much more for the
Homemade Christmas.

Have you also a to do list for Christmas?

Love and Hugs


  1. You are so right! Red is a beautiful color, and I love that shawl that you are making.

    You are very ambitious getting ready for Christmas. Hope you have a great week, and get a lot done on your list!

  2. What a pretty color you selected for your shawl, Regina! People are starting to return their Christmas tins for me to refill with this years Christmas cookies, so I'll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen the coming weeks. Although I prefer my own homemade stollen, I will probably just purchase some. I have to go to the bakery and buy some that is not frosted for my Thanksgiving stuffing anyhow. Can't wait to see how your knitting turns out!

  3. Beautiful red color for your shawl! It's going to be lovely.

  4. Hi Regina,
    What a pretty shawl, the colour is perfect.
    I love what you've done with the lamp. The autumn leaves are wonderful
    Thank you for visiting us at the cottage. I always look forward to reading your comments
    Love and Hugs
    Debbie x

  5. Right now, all I am focusing on is for November to end on a calm and peaceful note :)

    Then, I'll focus on Christmas. But I know this year it is going to be calm and simple. My favorite!

    In His Love,


  6. What a beautiful red shawl you're knitting, you will be warm and cosy this coming winter. I have lots of gift knitting and sewing to be getting on with this week, and a christmas cake to get in the oven.

    Pretty autumn display of leaves too,

    Bea xx

  7. I was getting into the spirit of Christmas as I have started making gifts for my quilt group Christmas party. I keep already thinking I want to put up the tree even and I never do that this early. :-) I need to make a list as I just found out last night that my mother and step father are coming to visit from the US at the end of November. One thing on that list is visiting a Christmas market in Germany. They love doing that.

    I hope you will share some of the items on this list on your blog. I would love to see all of it. Like how you make your advent wreath and the christstollen? I must admit that I buy our kerststol each year and not make it myself.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  8. P.S. - I love your knitted shawl. My mother has knitted a number of them for me and I use them constantly. Your pattern has a pretty edge on it.


  9. Das sieht bei dir ja schon herrlich gemütlich aus - das Strickzeug, die liebevolle Dekoration, genau wie man sich den trüben tristen traurigen November kuschlig daheim vorstellt. Leider herrscht bei uns ja immer noch Sonnenschein und sehr warme Temperaturen, da kommt irgendwie keine rechte Stimmung auf. Natürlich ist es wunderbar, daß es draußen immer noch so schön ist, daß man die Tage noch im Garten verbringen kann, aber langsam (und das verrat ich jetzt nur dir ganz leise) sehn ich mich richtig nach der nebligen Stille, nach Lampeneinschalten schon am Nachmittag, nach einer schönen heißen Tasse Kaba mit viel Sahne und meinem Häkelzeug am Sofa weil man es draußen nicht länger als unbedingt notwendig aushält. Irgendwann mag ich zwar das dann auch nicht mehr, aber jetzt erst mal freu ich mich schon darauf.
    Mit liebem Gruß,

  10. What a beautiful shawl! And just look at your to do list. I was feeling pretty good about the head start I had on Christmas until I saw it... :)

    Thank you for your prayers while I was on my fast. It was GOOD!

    Blessings, Debbie

  11. Hi Regina :) Your knitting is beautiful, and I love your shawl. Red is such a nice colour.

    Thanks for visiting my new blog and for following. So nice to see you there :)
    Hugs, Hilde :)

  12. Lovely shawl! Post a pic of you wearing it when you are finished... we are slowly crossing projects off the Christmas to do list.. I need to make another batch of soap (a little late but better late than never), and get some baking done and into the freezer. A few gifts to buy, but most are homemade this year. Lovely to see what you are up to! :)

  13. Hi, Regina, your shawl is beautiful! Too bad I don't know how to knit. :( I am loving your decorated lamp. I love candles. :) We hope to go get our Christmas tree this weekend.

    I hope you have had a great day.


  14. it's just beautiful, i love the color and simple shawls are my favorite too.

  15. Hallo Regina,

    vielen Dank für Deinen Kommentar in meinem Blog. Dein Blog kannte ich bisher noch gar nicht, da werde ich mich mal durchlesen gehen. :-))

    Liebe Grüße

  16. Hi Regina!
    Your shawl is beautiful! I looked at your previous post too, what a cute dog!
    Here in Arizona, I have to get past Thanksgiving next week before I start working on my Christmas list! :)

  17. Your red shawl is looking good. I like that shade of red, it's a lovely accent colour.
    Hope you're making good progress on your list of things for a handmade christmas. I'm having a very modest list - only a few handmade gifts for some friends.
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  18. Yumm..Christstollen...ich wuerde gern mal eine baken. Bei uns im Military laden (commissary) hat es so viele leckere Deutsche Weihnachts-Esswaren. Ich habe schon Lebkuchensterne gekauft. =)

  19. Oh that shawl is gorgeous! I hope to learn to knit soon :) I do have a Christmas list, it's a mile long! LOL

  20. Hi Regina,
    I haven't made my list yet, I am trying to get the grand children's gifts finished then I will work on my adult children and husband's gifts.
    Your red knitted shawl is beautiful, what a lovely color.
    The decorated lamp is beautiful!
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. That shawl is so lovely! I have been investigating shawl patterns myself lately because I do not own any, but think I would like to. Having learned to knit this year I thought it might be a good project for me to work on.