Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011


I have a new toy in my kitchen.....a Dehydrator
Here is it
Now can I so many of my fruits and veggies dry
The first what I have dried was carrots.

Thats my way to dry carrots

First ,you'll need wash and peel the carrots.
Then remove the tops and lips.
I have started adding the carrot scraps to a freezer bag
of chicken or another veggies for making stock later.----
after the motto" nothing wasted"

Slice the carros in "1/4 "in
Then blanch the carrots 2 minutes
The should still fairly hard but not tender
Then choose the carrots in ice water to quickly cool

Just fill the racks with the blanched carrots,
making sure not overlap any.
If you have not a dehydrator you can also dry in the oven by 60 degress
After five hour's looks the carrot so------- perfect.

I storred them in a jar and stuck them in
my pantry.I have read a dark place is perfect.

This was my first dried carrots.

Have a nice week,

Thanks for your help ....I have made a ring of peppers


  1. That looks like a nice machine there, Regina. I dry a lot of vegetables too. It takes up a lot less space. Must have dried about a bushel of tomatoes this year. They all fit in a medium sized crock. Haven't dug my carrots yet, but after seeing how nice your carrots look, perhaps I'll have to get the dehydrator out and dry some!

  2. Oh, lucky you, Regina! I would love to have a dehydrator in my kitchen.
    The carrots look very nice.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend :)

  3. You know, I've been thinking of getting a dehydrator and your post makes me want one even more!
    Dehydrators are wonderful when you get a lot of produce and you're not quite sure what you want to do with it.
    Have fun! :)

  4. Hi Regina
    What a wonderful toy. I'm getting one off my son for my birthday in two weeks. The first things I want to try are bananas.Can't wait.have fun
    Debbie x

  5. Wonderful! How great to have dehydrated carrots on hand; and waste nothing.
    You inspire me.

  6. Hi Regina. I have never heard of this kind of machine but used to buy banana chips and they looked like this. Do you eat the carrots now as they are or do something to them? Have fun in the kitchen!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  7. I've never dried carrots before and am going to try that this year. We have a bumper crop and I'm very worried about having enough room to store them all! Dehydrating sounds like the perfect solution. I wonder if you could put them into soups dried and have them rehydrate in the broth? Have you tried that? That would certainly be easy! Thanks for the fantastic tip - you are such an inspiration to me - love your garden and your kitchen happenings...

  8. Regina, these are in my to do list :) I will be drying carrots and potatoes and apples and so on...

    nothing should go to waste in a country kitchen!



  9. I am so frustrated with myself for having gotten rid of my dehydrator years ago. I didn't use it at the time but I wish I had it now! I'm watching yard sales and thrift stores...

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. I have never seen carrots that have been dried. I am guessing you use them like any other dried veggie? A great way to store veggies when you don't have a cold cellar to keep them fresh.

    Gill in Canada

  11. Thanks for taking time to visit my blog. I'm so pleased to find your blog and have enjoyed visiting. I've also added you to my blog list.

    I'm off to read more of your posts. It's great to find others pursuing the simple life.

    Ravenhill Cottage

  12. I'm envious of your new dehydrator! Looks fabulous! Though I've never tried dehydrated carrots, your entry certainly piqued my interest...

  13. I love your new dehydrator. We have been without one for about a year. We finally burnt ours up. I hope to get one with temperature control next time. Your carrots turned out wonderful!

  14. I have a new dehydrator but haven't tried carrots yet - after seeing yours, I'm ready!

  15. Yummy, those would be wonderful in soups, wouldn't they. Are they good just to snack on in the dried state?
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. Your dehydrated carrots look fabulous! Very pretty in that jar. I don't have a dehydrator, but I think I would enjoy one.

    Have a nice day. :)