Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

My house smells wonderful

Could it be the apple sauce cooked on the oven
emitting the wonderful smell of apples and
cinnamon and sugar.

I have made 20 bottles of apple juice
6 bottles of red grape juice

and 30 freezer bags of apple sauce.

I have made dryed apples
I have baked apple pies
and from apple sauce leftover
and the leftover of whipped cream have i make
apple sauce icecream.
i have still apples.....maybe make from this a apple onion chutney?

We have lovely warm septemberdays,that is good for my peppers
and the rest of tomatoes,also for my cucumbers.

Thank you for all your lovely comments!!
Have a nice week,


  1. Your applesauce looks delicious! I have never made apple juice. Maybe next year. :)

  2. I bet it does! It all looks so good!

  3. Apples are the best! yum. love,andrea

  4. All this looks wonderful! I've never made apple juice. I'll have to look into how that's done.
    I just love the smell of apples cooking. :-)
    Have a nice week!

  5. You have been busy, Regina. Your apple sauce and apple juice looks yummy :)
    They will give you a taste of summer during the winter season.

  6. You have been busy, Regina! The apple sauce and apple juice looks yummy :) They will give you a taste of summer during winter.

  7. What a treat I can almost smell your delicious apples in my home. They look very inviting. TFS

  8. You have been a very busy Mrs. :)

    Your lovely home must truly smell delicious :)


  9. Hello Regina
    thank you for the nice comment on my blog, I've been looking at your blogs and they are great.
    I love all your activities.

  10. Oh yum. Is the juice like cider? Such a beautiful tray of applesauce.

  11. hmmhh:) da entdeck ich nichtsahnend diesen wunderschönen blog und bin einfach nur hin und weg! Wahnsinn was du alles geschafft hast! und alles sieht so lecker aus!
    Ich mag Chutneys sehr gerne, ich denke es wäre einen Versuch wert?
    alles Liebe

  12. What a lovely blog. I'm now a follower. We have had so many apples. My freezer is full of applesauce bags too. Check out my blog for a YUMMY Applesauce cake. I made apple jelly out of the skins and cores.
    I look forward to reading more
    Debbie x

  13. Wow - so many apples! They certainly keep us all busy at this time of year but it will be worth it during the winter months.

  14. What a delicious treat to have throughout the winter months! I love the applesauce, the apple juice, and the red grape juice.
    It all looks so good!

  15. Regina, you are amazing! I love to see what you have been up to - so busy! All the hard work will be worth it in the winter months... :) Wish we could sit and have tea together - I think we have a lot in common (apples, carrots, tomatoes, lol).