Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

My house smells wonderful

Could it be the apple sauce cooked on the oven
emitting the wonderful smell of apples and
cinnamon and sugar.

I have made 20 bottles of apple juice
6 bottles of red grape juice

and 30 freezer bags of apple sauce.

I have made dryed apples
I have baked apple pies
and from apple sauce leftover
and the leftover of whipped cream have i make
apple sauce icecream.
i have still apples.....maybe make from this a apple onion chutney?

We have lovely warm septemberdays,that is good for my peppers
and the rest of tomatoes,also for my cucumbers.

Thank you for all your lovely comments!!
Have a nice week,

Freitag, 16. September 2011


Hello everybody,

fall time is apple time
our apple tree has this year more apples as the
past years.This is our harvest of a one tree,
I am so happy....... about the apples.
Now I am still working on making apple juice,
apple sauce, apple cake, apple filling........

see you later!!!

Have a wonderful weekend
greetings from a busy homemaker