Samstag, 20. August 2011

Busy Weeks

hello in the past weeks was i very busy.
i have made jam, liquer,jelly,and i have
shredded zucchini for the freezer.
now is my freezer full of fruits and veggies.

the nectarines was cheap,so i buyed a lot
of nectarines for jam,jelly and cordial.
a lot of nectarine jam

yesterday I buyed 16kg plums for the half prices

I filled 4 glass jars with plums and have the canned.

make liquer

brown candis sugar

Here have i filled a glass with plums,sugar and schnaps.

a lot of plum jam

cauliflower soaked in salt water
for a half hour

than i have the cauliflower packed in a freezer-bag.

the next week will i make tomatoes sauce and applesauce,
i have a lot apple on my tree.

have a nice time,


  1. Wow, you have been very busy. It looks very delicious.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Da warst du aber sehr fleissig(very busy) und alles sieht so lecker aus.
    Ich bewundere Menschen, die sich noch die Zeit nehmen und selbst einkochen!!!
    Weiter so!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Hi Regina! I am so glad to find you have a new blog in English. I love seeing all that you are doing. Is the cauliflower just stored for winter now in the freezer? Do you only soak it in the water and not precook it? I love cauliflower and would love to do this.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  4. Thank you for visiting me in FRance. It is the busy season in the garden right now, and like you, I am filling up the freezer.

  5. I love plums Regina, you have made some beautiful jam.

  6. Good for you! You will definitely not starve this winter! :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. I serve my family soups almost every day now to avoid the freezor to burst! Veggies and fruits everywhere, but so tasty it is, worth the effort. You've done plenty tasty stuff with yours. Liquer I've never tried, perhaps I should, looks delicious :)

  8. Oohh yammy!! I made a lot of plum jam too!


    Delicious! ;o)

  9. Hi Regina, and thank you so much for your nice comments on my blog :)

    You have been very busy, and it all looks delicious.
    I too am looking forward to picking and preserving apples :)

  10. Gosh! That is a lot of yummy jam... wish I knew how to make jam. What do you do with the Cauliflower?

  11. You've got a nice blog. I also like working in the garden and homemade things. My husband brought me some cauliflowers, I'll try your method this time, because I think it tastes better like this. Thanks for the tip.

  12. Your preserves look lovely! You have been very busy... such beautiful "fruits" of your labour all ready for winter enjoyment :) Love those Weck jars... I'd love to own some one day...

  13. It looks all delicious!
    Lately I bought some cheap cauliflowers. I didn't do them into salt water (maybe I should do so next time), but in an empty ice-box into the freezer. Easy to take it for soup or something else.

    Have a nice weekend!
    Jolanda (spil van het gezin)

    P.S. It's a long time ago I took my lessons english.... so sorry for the mistakes.

  14. Hmmm... this looks so yummie!!!! You've been a busy bee!
    Hugs, Elly

  15. Busy, busy, busy at your house.

    We have a nectarine tree but the fruit wont be ready until January. We usually preserve our fruit but now we have a dehydrator so will be able to dry some too. Your jam looks good...I love plums too but dont have a tree growing.

    Thank you for the tip with cauliflower. I have some growing in the garden.

    You have a lovely lot of vegetables growing. Lots of I planted ours out but only 10 plants.

    Have a nice day Regina :)

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog and the sweet comment you left. I would love to have been in your kitchen smelling all the delicious things you have been making! Everything looks delicious.

  17. Hi, I landed here on a blog hop. You have been busy with your produce from the garden. It's lovely eating your own home grown food isn't it?
    Love from Mum

  18. Fantastic post! You must have had hours of fun making all that. It is such a wonderful way of spending time.
    Isabelle x

  19. Hello Regina! I didn't realize you had a second blog. Your jams look lovely! I froze a lot of cauliflower recently too. It looks like your larder is getting filled!

  20. Wow--you were very busy! It all looks great!!

  21. Your plums soaked in schnapps are calling to me, Regina! I would love to try making these sometime. Your kitchen must've smelt amazing with all of your jam making! xx