Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Welcome to my little Garden

i grow my tomatoes in different containers

here grows zucchini,tomatoes and hokkaido squash

again tomatoes,this year have i 70 plants
of different tomatoes

broccoli, i like broccoli,it taste good as

a view of my little veggie garden

swiss char

salad,we eat each day salad


this is my bramble hedge or

wish you all a wonderful time,
love regina


  1. Regina, your garden looks lush and healthy. I'm astounded at the number of tomato plants you have growing! Your broccoli heads are enormous... mine were healthy but did not get as large. The bramble hedge - is that blackberry?

  2. Your garden looks beautiful and delicious! I love the bramble hedge! Thank you for stopping by for a blog visit today. We just picked more wild blueberries last night. I hope to get out at least one more time beofre they are gone.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  3. Regina! What a beautiful garden. Ich bin sehr eiversuechtig... :-) My garden is not doing well this year.

  4. Hi Regina,

    My broccoli won't grow - I mean, the plants are big and beautiful, but there is no sign of anything to eat.

    Your garden looks amazing. Thanks for commenting on my blog :)


  5. I love to see other's gardens - even half way around the world. Lovely!